Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Short Story On Its Way

My next short story will be in one of the timelines of a multiverse created a long time ago by Robert A. Heinlein. It is a multiverse in which every single world created by every single author in the history of time really exists in it's own universe and timeline. This is the world that Heinlein "created" when he wrote his Future History series.

I speak of a world where the oz of Frank L. Baum is real - like in The Number of the Beast, or a world where modern weapons won't work - but where magic will work, and golems can be defeated by making them swallow themselves - like in Glory Road. The story I plan on writing will be a short that will include an appearance of one of Robert Heinlein's seminal characters, Lazarus Long.

This story will be geared towards a younger audience so will be mild in language and violent content, but will portray the wonders of space in such a way that hopefully will be able to influence children to begin or to continue their journey in reading science fiction. It is the genre I indeed find myself turning to more often than not. The freedom of expression that it allows as a writer cannot be surpassed by the others, and the canvas that is available is far more brilliant and strife with potential conflict than any other.

Mankind is a copycat. Humans like to continue doing things that pioneers in all areas of science have blazed trails in. Yet, today we see our space program threatened by massive budget cuts, and we see our country's interest in space travel and space related technology waning greatly.

This story is a simple one that begins like many other stories of it's kind. It begins with three boys in their youth that love to build model rockets, and dream of going to the moon...

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