Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Drone Safety Regulations

I believe if there has not been a push to do so yet that we must at the very least on local levels push for stricter drone safety and usage regulations to prevent accidents so that everyone can fly their own friendly skies.

Global Warming

The Global Warming thing should no longer be a debate, we kind of should know by now if Global Warming is Real or Imaginary. However we have two schools of thought. There are those that think Global Warming is a non-issue and that nature is cyclical and could potentially go on forever, and then there are those that believe the earth is warming until all of the water on the earth is gone. The truth is that this would take hundred's of millions of years to become a reality even if the accomplishments of humanity didn't make them feel invincible to the damage they can do.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Best Ted Talk 2012

Monday, June 9, 2014

Doodle 4 Google 2014 Winner

I've been looking at the Google Doodle for today, Monday June 9th, and I am amazed at the sheer volume of artistic imagination that it involves. I was significantly impressed enough to have to take the time to be sure and let everyone know about it. The doodle starts off as a colorfully imaginative painting and then when the user clicks on the Doodle, it comes to life and begins a series of animations that repeat and help keep the eye drawn to the painting. This doodle just happens to be the 7th annual Doodle 4 Google competition winner. Google asks kids all over the country in grades K-12 to draw doodles, and this year's request was to draw an invention that would make the world a better place. Out of more than 100,000 submissions, 250 state finalists, 50 state winners, and 5 national age group winners, Google selected 11-year old Audrey Zhang of New York as the 7th Annual Doodle 4 Google winner. According to Google's site, Audrey said the following about her doodle -

"To make the world a better place, I invented a transformative water purifier. It takes in dirty and polluted water from rivers, lakes, and even oceans, then massively transforms the water into clean, safe and sanitary water, when humans and animals drink this water, they will live a healthier life."
-Audrey Zhang, 11.

There are more delightful elements in Audrey's painting than I could go over here in this blog post. Trust me - it's worth checking out - click the link below.

Google Doodle 2014 Winner