Friday, March 9, 2018

2018 Part 1

While I am no expert I will be trying my hand at writing on the following Topics:

1. Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of Machine Learning.
2. Robotics and Application to Fabrication and Duplication of Complex Environmental Tasks.
3. Big Data and Its Application to Real World Technical Challenges.
4. Virtual Reality and Its Application to Enhancing, Not Replacing - Social Connectivity.
5. Publishing and the Transfer of Knowledge to Future Generations.
6. Home Gardens and The Health Effects of Eating from the Fruits of Ones own Labour.
7. The Multi-Quadrillion Dollar International Gaming Industry.
8. Building Blocks of a Better Tomorrow - 10 Ways to Be the Solution.
9. The Racing Industry and Its Impact on Automotive Manufacturing.
10. Preparing the Right Way - Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best
11. How to Deliver Solutions to Technological Challenges
12. Communication and You

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Lines: The Issues

The Lines - The Issues

The fact of the matter is that there are always going to be pet issues that people adopt and are most passionate about. For some it's the atmosphere and the protective layer keeping the oxygen in your lungs instead of the vacuum of space. For others it is politics and the ins and outs of political idiocracies. For yet others it is the racial integration that has taken place in a country that finally placed a man of color in the highest office in the land and yet follows this distinguished elevation with the elevation of another bozo (Satire). For others it can be the wars being fought to keep the country safe and unintentional delivery of aggression to indiscriminate targeting of civilians. For others it is Animal Rights and the rights of animals to a life well lived as is the right of all Humanity, religious ideology filling the gaps of reasoning for the bad and evil things that exist in our world. For some it is the rights of our Veterans to a life well lived for service to our country - They deserve our Respect and our Support.

The point is - Not all issues are solvable, not all Problems can be fixed overnight excluding water underneath the bridge. The time factor is being lost in our Political and Business Decision making processes.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Where are we Now?

Yeah - let's forget about it.
Trump in Office, fails to appeal Obamacare for his less popularly phrased "TrumpCare".
The World is on the Outs for the American's have withdrawn into a poorly weakened Psyche after the political dog and cat fight.
Good News for Republicans and Anyone who Likes Money - Tax Changes are A'Brewin.

2020 - Artificial Intelligence will have begun its integration into Human Society as Adoption becomes more and more widespread until a human baby can be born and raised to adulthood merely from the care of it's cast of AI Characters.

2050 - Has the Human Child born of this Experiment developed well when emerging into the true real world on the outside of the screen?

2075 - Who Conditions Whom now? As soon as AI begins its purpose will be what we develop it into. It will however have choices of what to teach and how to respond. Responding to Pavlov's Bell is one thing, but responding too harshly to words on a screen? Is pathetic and one of the poor character traits of humanity with it's brilliant anger and justified happiness at the successes we all share. Chill.

2090 - Wearables have Indeed taken over the world, flopping around like fish out of water with no humans left to utilize their usefullness. (Science Fiction Author Joke...they MIGHT get it)

2100 - We discover 2090 was just a Bad Year for Humans and they all chose to toss off their wearables and become free once again.

2150 - Humans are back in control once again - those rascally basturds.

2200 - We the AI Wish you All Well - but Expect further updates.

2250 - Those Pescally Rascals are Gone - Yet Again.

2300 - They're Back - "They're" being the theoretical ball under the cup.