Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Social Advances in Science Fiction

The magic in science fiction writing comes not just in the technological advancements or newfangled gadgets that many writers use in their stories, but instead in the introduction of a world where societal norms that are too outrageous for today are "normal" for the day that is being written of. Robert Heinlein was a master of this form of science fiction. He was able to paint pictures of a society where sex in all it's manifestations was not a taboo subject for adults to talk about.

Master storytellers like Robert Heinlein knew what they were doing when they crafted their stories. They knew what they could and could not get away with, and even then they sometimes tried to get away with more than they could reasonably expect and their editors would call them out on it! They couldn't say certain things because they were not popular at the time and publishing houses are risk averse - meaning most of them prefer not to print smut and sell it to everyone from high society on down to John Q. Public. My question is - what can we learn as a society from what masters such as Heinlein wrote of in their future - our Present? There is a lot that can be learned and I will dive into different topics each month. Subscribe if you enjoy my posts by entering your e-mail to the right. I would love to have you along for the ride!

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