Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Syn-thetic Family

What's this about a Synthetic Family?

Let me tell you a story about a story.

In Robert Heinlein's book, "Friday" - he envisioned a world where test tube humans were created in a lab with genetic modifications to make them smarter, faster, and stronger. They were raised differently from normal humans, making them of course a second-class person, albeit with first class skills and abilities. Our Heroine Friday is one that worked for "The Company" as a courier. Sounds a lot like the CIA to me, but it's science fiction - have to draw comparisons, not come out and say things. Friday hid the fact that she was a test-tube baby from almost everyone except the Company. She married into an S-Class Marriage, a form of plural marriage, usually run by a matriarch. Some people thought that the "s" stood for Sex, but actually it stood for things such as Security, Sociability, sanctuary, and safety. In fact, Sex is probably the least of what the S in S-class family stands for - there being no point in forming an S-class family just for Sex since it's so easy to get.

I find the idea of an S-Class family very invigorating. Plural marriages are frowned upon in the United States mostly for religious reasons and just like Gay marriage are illegal in most, if not all states. Heinlein also referred to the S-Class marriage as a "Synthetic Family". If gay marriage is to become normal, which many people in the United States hope to see someday - should not then there be the option and opportunity for residents of the United States of America to create (S)ynthetic Families for mutual (s)ecurity, (s)upport, (s)uccor and (s)afety?

I see no reason why not.

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