Monday, February 7, 2011

Budget and Fiscal Responsibility

This is the most recent letter I have been sending to Michigan's Senators, via Who knows, maybe someone may actually read it...

"Distinguished Senator,

I want to thank you for your time if you are reading this. I know that you know how big of an issue the budget situation is, and how big of a hole we are in with a shovel that gets smaller and smaller each day. I fear that nothing short of major cuts and reforms will correct the issue of our out of control spending. If you equate the spending of the government to that of a family working their way out of debt, that family has to make sacrifices while keeping the lights on, food on the table, and clothes on their back. When it comes to government, there will obviously be more people affected, but cuts - deep, often painful cuts are absolutely necessary and the only way to make the shovel bigger so that we as a country can dig out slowly, but with abundant resolution and intensity. Some defense spending, public works dollars, aid to states and other necessary expenditures that revolve around public safety or putting food in the mouths of those that cannot afford it, or protecting those that cannot protect themselves is necessary. Everything else is discretionary. Foreign Aid should be completely halted, not in the interests of punishing those that have previously received our aid, but instead to strengthen our budget so that we can learn to be more wise with our money and pay that forward.

We are like a family that lives on $30,000 a year and gives $10,000 away to friends and family in need. It is noble, but it just does NOT make sense and threatens the very existence of the family. I don't understand why people cannot see it, maybe they kid themselves into thinking this will all just go away, but it will not. It most certainly will not go away. We need to correct the spending habits of our government just as many people throughout this country have learned to correct theirs. Please support any bills that include drastic cuts or promote REAL fiscal responsibility and the drastic changes we need, and if you are able, promote or bring to the table these drastic, daring ideas so that our children and our children's children can look back and say, "This was the day the United States regained it's sanity. This is the day we all learned to be responsible.""

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