Monday, February 8, 2010

Solutions not Talk

There is so much talk today and not enough actual work being done. At LEAST come to the table with some good ideas congressmen and congresswomen. Excuse me, congress people?

Just throwing some ideas out there:

A Federal Sales tax along with a flat Income tax could potentially be a solution to many of our problems. A flat income tax alone would eliminate the need for a major portion of the $11.52 Billion that was spent on the IRS budget in 2009 ALONE.

A federal sales tax would be beneficial to our country and makes real sense to me, and here is why. It is a participatory tax. If you want to spend, you pay the tax, if you don't want to spend, you don't. Simple. The MORE money you have typically, the more you spend, the more you pay in taxes. It is so amazingly simple that it boggles my mind. This could also be imposed on all Internet transactions within the United States.

The only thing standing in the way of real solutions like these - politics as usual.

To effect change, we have to change who we have working for us because they are doing a piss poor job of actually getting any work done. Send them a message that they are Fired! Get out and vote for anyone except the incumbent. Term limits should be in place to keep "politics as usual" from ever again becoming the norm.

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