Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Call For Assistance

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Westboro Baptist Church, their ideas are downright evil. Imagine this. Your son or daughter in the military is deployed overseas, you look on with worry but pride as you watch them leave. A few months later, you get the dreaded call...your son or daughter has given their life in the service of their country. The news doesn't sink in at first, but when it finally does, you slowly lose control of your emotions and feel the pain that only a parent can know. Five days later, you are emotionally raw, and the body of your child is returned to the United States for burial. You arrive at the funeral and across the street you see a group of people with brightly colored signs and they are shouting things that don't quite fit and then you finally start taking it in and realize the meaning of what they are doing. Hate is spewing from their mouths, emblazoned on their signs. All because your son or daughter was a member of the military. They were there to celebrate your loved ones death, to defame their name, and to cause emotional distress and to draw attention to themselves in the process, preventing the possibility that you could bury your child with the dignity they deserve...

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Take some time to read about the Westboro Baptist Church and imagine what would happen if they are allowed to win their fight. Read about what they do and take the time to learn what they stand for. Al Snyder was laying his son to rest when this "Church" stepped in and picketed outside of the cemetary. Visit their website if you can stomach it to see examples of the signs they were holding, the slogans they were chanting. If you believe in good and evil, then you already know - these people are pure evil. Full of hatred and selfishness, and just....Pure Narcissistic Evil.

Attorney's have been working to bring suit against the Westboro Baptist Church on behalf of Al Snyder and his son. The only thing he has had to pay were expenses. Al Snyder's case was won, he was awared over 10 Million...yet he has not seen a cent of the money that was awarded. To rub salt in the wound, the case was overturned and turned over to a higher court, and Mr. Snyder was ordered to pay the WBC's court costs that included charges of $0.50 per PAGE for copies of court documents and are exceeding $100,000 that he has to pay out of his pocket. I know times are tough, but please....dig into your heart and your pockets and Donate to the Al Snyder Legal Fund on behalf of Matthew Snyder. Even a $10 donation makes a difference. The Westboro Baptist Church cannot be allowed to win this fight. Matthew gave his life in service of our country, and the so called "protected free speech" of this group was a gross indignity against basic human decency and all that is good in the world. Stand up and fight - with your voice by spreading the word, and your dollars by supporting Al Snyder in his fight against the Westboro Baptist Church.

Here is what should happen in my opinion. The High court should agree that what they said was protected free speech, and what they did was protected free speech. The time and place and content of their message was their choice. We all have choices, and sometimes those choices have consequences. The consequences of their choice should be the judgement that the defendant was awarded. This will open up the flood gates, and I can guarantee that after the next set of suits come flooding in they would choose to stop their funeral picketing.

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