Monday, February 8, 2010

Living in a Socialist United States

Taxes and Welfare.

Earned Income Credit.

Child Tax Credit.

Making Work Pay Credit. All names of welfare credits.

A mother of three children making $20,000 a year, pays in to the federal government just social security and Medicare taxes totalling approximately $3,000, and let's assume $1,300 to the State in which she lives.

Come tax time, she gets everything ready and finds out that she is getting a $8,000 payday courtesy of Uncle Sam, and another $2,000 "refund" from the State in which she lives. This "refund" is not money she overpaid to the government. This is money that comes from other taxpayers.

Instead of getting refunded the money she paid in to all tax sources, she is being paid a stipend above and beyond because of tax "credits", making her yearly income including the tax "refund" - $5,700 more than her employer pays her. She not only does not pay ANY taxes, but she is among those using the services of the government more than average with Three children in the school system alone. This is not uncommon. Let's say that just 10,000 of these people each exist in every state in the union. That would be a $5,000,000,000 payroll in welfare "refunds" between the States and the Federal government.

The government takes from the rich and successful and gives to the poor. This makes them a hero, right?

The conservative rag is that our country is moving towards becoming more socialist. The sad thing is - we already live in a socialist country. It is a pity that not everyone has their eyes open to it yet.

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