Monday, April 28, 2008


We were on our way home from my Parents house the other night, and we had an interesting discussion with Mikey, my 4 yr old son. We were talking about Monsters and Ghosts because I was having my fun trying to scare Sam - but I ended up scaring Mikey in the process. XD

For you to understand this conversation, you need to understand that Mike is going through a phase where he LOVES his superheroes, he's all about Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, and Batman.

Well, Mikey asked if there was really superheroes and monsters. I told him that superheroes with super powers do not exist, but that there are many people in this world that certainly are heroes, such as firemen, and police officers, all sorts of people.

He asked what happens to the bad guys.

I explained that bad guys with superpowers do not exist either, they're all pretend, but that real bad guys are caught by the police officers. I also told him that monsters do not exist, and he piped up and asked "zombies too?"

I told him zombies are just pretend and do not exist.

I got to thinking about this the next day when I was in the cafeteria at work, and on CNN there was a story about a man that kept his daughter locked in his house for years, keeping her locked away as a sex slave.

Thinking about that made me think, and made me remember...that there really are such things as Monsters in this world.

Maybe I can keep Mikey from knowing that for a while longer yet.

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